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Rowing Programs

Adult Rowing

Maritime Rowing Club has an active adult masters rowing program. We train and row late March through November (weather permitting), then move indoors for the winter. Winter is comprised of fitness and technical training including: cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility work, ergometer training and instruction, and weight training.

Learn to Row

Learn-to-Row program consists of two levels. Level I is an introductory course, where you will learn the basics of rowing in eight 1 1/2 hour lessons. Water safety, basic skills, rules of navigation and general rowing fitness are all covered in this course.

High School

Maritime Rowing Club offers spring training and racing programs to high school rowers of all abilities. Weekly training consists of fitness, strength, and on the water training. Coaches will evaluate athletes and place them into appropriate teams at the beginning of each season.

Middle School

Maritime Rowing Club offers spring training programs to middle rowers. Weekly training consists of land workouts and on the water training. Spring fitness training includes cardiovascular conditioning, weight/strength training, and rowing technique on the erg and water.