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The Boathouse

Maritime Rowing Club is Fairfield County’s most comprehensive rowing indoor training center.

The Boathouse offers best-in-class weightlifting and cardiovascular equipment, including a Rogue weightlifting rack with 24 weightlifting stations.

The Boathouse has an over 30 ergometers, 12 Bike Ergs, 12 Ski Ergs and 8 Treadmills.

The Rowing Tanks

Welcome to Maritime Rowing Club’s state-of-the-art Indoor Rowing Tank Facility. We are proud to offer Fairfield County’s most advanced rowing tank facility and workout center. Consisting of a 10-person rowing tank with both sculling and sweeping available at an oar change.

Furthermore, the facility is capable of handling 40 athletes with both rowing and spinning bikes available as well.


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